NEW: Cover for fruit & vegetable boxes

The attractive cover for fruit and vegetable boxes and cartons protects your food simply and hygienically.

NEW: herb stand

Attractive and flexible: With our new herb stand you will present your fresh herbs perfectly.

shelf timber 5 NEW: shelf timber 5

With our new "never-water-again" shelf with integrated 2-in-1 irrigation, you'll always have top-notch plants. It provides your plants with water for up to 1 week and the water level indicator shows you exactly when you need to top up water. Less plant loss, less cost, no watering. It's sustainable and economical.

Thank you for visiting us at EuroShop 2020!

Thank you for visiting our booth at EuroShop 2020! Please get some impressions here:

Clean thing: The NEW fruit and vegetable presentation

Equipped with washable and removable hygienic trays, the timber 26 and timber 27 modules are absolutely easy to clean. Extensive accessories, such as vases for cut herbs, inclined herb trays for potted herbs, sales modules for bananas, holders for knotting bags complete the practical furniture. Can be turned and optionally closes the front of the goods carrier or creates space for 3 additional upper floor euro crates.

The NEW advertising panel

The new advertising panel fits everywhere! Universally applicable for flower furniture, F&V furniture, shelves, irrigation trays, sales tables, vario, euro boxes, CC-/EC containers and many more ...

2-in-1 irrigation

The ecologically valuable plant irrigation reduces plant losses and saves water - sustainable and economical. Now available for sales tables and presentation furniture, pallet setups and -new out now- for shelves and stair-type stands.

NEW: Shopfitting system copenhagen

copenhagen - our new modular shopfitting system looks good, is multifunctional and durable. Ask for our new sales and presentation furniture.

Thank you for visiting us at IPM 2020!

We wish to thank the many guests for visiting our trade fair stand! A few impressions you will find here:

Plastic tray for euro pallets with integrated 2-in-1 irrigation New: Plastic tray for euro pallets with integrated 2-in-1 irrigation

Plastic tray for euro pallets with integrated capillary irrigation AND irrigation tray
- fewer plants lost
- less watering time
- cost saving
- 100 % variability


milano 2 - Shelf

The new milano 2 Shelf...

milano 6 - Round table

The new milano 6 round table...

Promotion Table

The new Promotion Table...

New: The new timber-brochure now available!

The new timber-brochure 5: All novelties at a glance! Flip through here. Or get the download right away.

New: timber 21 presentation column

The mobile middle room placement is available in different product variants with wooden floors, watertight irrigation trays for potted plants, and zinc buckets for cut flowers or with six shelves with integrated irrigation trays - all floors above the ground level are adjustable in height.

timber 18 New: timber 18 shelve stair

Designed for wall placement, timber's shelve stair is available with watertight irrigation trays, suitable for plant trays and with zinc buckets for cut flowers. On the suspended levels, both the height and the angle of inclination are adjustable. The timber 18 is also available for corner placement.

timber 22 New: timber 22 middle room placement

This new module has been specially designed for placement in the middle of the room. Available features include watertight irrigation trays, wooden inserts and floors. All the upper levels are height-adjustable. In combination with timber's pedestals, this is the perfect solution for composite arrangements of plants and ceramics.

Novelties in our Shopfitting system timber

Please see our new Shopfitting system brochure timber:

Download timber (PDF)

Novelties in our Shopfitting system eco

Please see our new Shopfitting system brochure eco:

Download eco (PDF)

Our new tilted fruit and vegetable display rack

Please see our new Tilted fruit and vegetable display rack brochure:

Download tilted fruit and vegetable display rack (PDF)

New Shopfitting system milano

Please see our new Shopfitting system brochure milano:
Download milano (PDF)

Planning your sales system perfectly in 3D!

Distinctive and everything from a single source.

We plan your sales system in 3D – irrespective of whether you have a large area or a small shop. And we support you with expert planning know-how beforehand. Our competent specially-trained interior designers and advisors will support you in all questions with well-founded suggestions for solutions. Not only does our team have an understanding of contemporary interior design, it is also knows all about garden centres, sales greenhouses and flower shops. Besides detailed advice, 3-D planning gives you certainty that you are making the right purchase decision and guarantees professional implementation. Please approach us, we are delighted to be at your service!

Come and visit us in the Kahler showroom.

Experience our products live. With expert advice.

In our spacious showroom we display our products to you live. Whatever you allow us to plan for you can personally pick up and hold in your hand before you so that you can convince yourself of the quality and functionality before you place your order. Make an appointment with us and examine what you may well use to equip your sales premises without being pressed for time and with expert assistance. We look forward to meeting you and helping you select from a great variety of materials and technical options. Our showroom is only 5 minutes from the A7 by car. If you travel by rail or air, we would be delighted to organise a convenient transfer from the railway station/airport in both directions.

Perfect customer information, presented simply and clearly.

Aluminium advertising rail, now also for standard advertising signs in the DIN A5 and DIN A4 formats!

The aluminium advertising rail is available for standard advertising signs in the DIN A5 horizontal format Aluminium (corresponding to: DIN A6 vertical format) and DIN A4 horizontal format (corresponding to: DIN A5 vertical format). It can be used with all standard table profiles of a thickness up to 10 mm. In this case it is simply hooked in and informs your customers neatly and clearly.